Sunday, October 9, 2011

Coasters and Camel Burgers!

I have been very daring lately... Taking big risks with myself. You know the saying, "relax, go wild you're on Vacation!" It doesn't really apply to Muslims, because our deeds are always being written down for us and we are accountable for all of them. Anyway, I have been going places; I have been exploring the city and walking on the wild side with limitations of course. When you are on vacation, it is always good to do things that you would normally not do because you are taking a break from the normal everyday things.

I normally don't go to the malls but now I have been going everyday. I normally don't eat out a lot because there is always something made to eat at the house. I am somewhat adventurous and more likely to try new foods than any of my close friends, but I do not eat anything weird. So of course, since  I am doing things out of the norm I tried a camel burger, and before you say ewww and click out of the page, let me just say it tastes just like beef! Like a really good  lean cut beef burger patti and it was made by my friends at Safari Express so you know it gotta be at least decent in taste. It was topped with  grilled pineapple and its own version of special sauce that was spicy, savory and really tasty. I am glad a tried it, but I am not sure I would be eating the camel burger everyday because I would not like my lunch turn into major discussion any time I was asked what I ate for lunch. Besides camel burger is not an everyday kinda meal just like any  exotic dish out there. And since I do not live here, I doubt that I would find it any where else in America.

Camel Burger

I went to Mall of America today and it is ridiculous how huge this place is. The shopping sucked for me  just because of the distance between my favorite stores and I didn't feel like going to new stores because I had a few hours to see and experience the whole place and I have been shopping plenty all week.  So we ended up going to amusement park inside the mall and that was a lot of fun. I am normally too much of a chicken to even attempt roller coasters but like I said I was a daring version of myself.  Of course the first coaster I rode was really fast and it scared the crap out me and afterwords there were several more rides and I was not all that scared anymore. I had a blast!!! I am so so so glad that I didn't shop too much. This was highlight of my week so far, tomorrow I am going to a wedding and so the party is not over but I am pretty sure today is going to be up there in the ranking as the most fun day of my time in Minnesota.

                                      ~Team fun~ these cuffs allowed us to go on unlimited rides!

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