Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dugsi (again)

I missed to make the last post. Oh well, it is not the end of the world; life goes on as usual. Yesterday was a loooong day subhana'Allah. We went mall cruising again.... so many cute hijabs I wanted to buy them all. Next time I will probably drive down to Minneapolis so I don't have to deal with Airport baggage requirements and  I can take everything I want. I don't understand how I can hate shopping back home and I want to spend all my days in the Somali malls here. I know for sure if I move here I will never save money because I will always be buying head scarfs.

I went to dugsi with the kids again and masha'Allah I love the place. If  the Somali of Minneapolis got one thing going for them is the quality of Islamic education. They excel at that here but the dugsi that my nieces and nephew go to is even better than the traditional dugsi because they help the kids with their homework and they have a collaboration with moms who seem to be spending just as much time at the school as their kids. This dugsi teaches math, English, science as well as the traditional Islamic studies and this great especialy since some of the Somali moms can't really help their kids with these subjects.

                           The kindergarten class... my niece calls it the baby class

My niece drew this picture of me... I was kinda freaked out because we lost the car keys and she really captured my stress, but I only wish my lashes were that long!

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