Friday, October 28, 2011

Michigan fall and apple pies!

Winter is around the corner and I love fall and I love being outdoors enjoying the cool weather and color changes of the leaves. Right now most of the color is gone and all the trees are standing naked and reminding us how close we are to the first fall of snow. So, I have been mostly indoors, keeping warm and dry and cooking.

I made my first pie so I am excited I can't wait for it to cool, so I can taste it! I am hoping it is good because I love pies and if this comes out right I will try to make other types of pies.

To make the best apple pie you need to have the best apples in this case I used the Honeycrisp Apples from Michigan of course and it is really tart and sweet and my friend Mary makes some of the best pies using this types of apples.

The dough was not that hard to make; I used butter, sugar and ice cold water.

I will tell you all about how it turned out, hopefully it tastes good!


  1. Hey girl!...Just wanted to show some luv..So you live in MI...Woow..your not that far away from me....I really liked your blog..I also like your writing skills..Keep up the good work abaayo...get back at me..

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate you taking the time to look at my blog! your blog is very funny and i enjoy reading it. come by anytime.

  2. Hey my fellow Somali blogger sista! Hows life treating you? Did you move to Arizona? Dadkayaga waa NOMADS cant stay at one place for a period of time.looooool

  3. lol maya, I didn't move there I was just visiting family. Wish I could move there and permanently escape winter!