Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Damn Al shabab

I know I am on vacation and I promised that I would be writing about things related to my stay in Minneapolis so I am sorry if this is not what you expected from me. I am just truly saddened by what has happened in Somalia to the 70 dead  and many injured people in Tuesday's car bomb. so my thoughts are far from enjoying myself in this beautiful city. I can not express enough how much I abhor Alshabab and anyone who kills unsuspecting innocents in the name of Allah. I am not one to easily who hate any of Allah creation no matter how vile and horrible they are. But I have to tell you how truly deserving they are of my hate.. may they all perish and burn in deepest parts for hell for the fitna they cause in Somalia. Somalia has seen many tragedies in the last twenty years but this one gets to me the most because this cursed group not only enslave my people but they do in the name of my Religion and I cannot forgive or forget that easily.

I have never really appreciated how much Allah has blessed me with, especially my education. There are young students in some places in the world who study in dim candle light and they keep studying with out complaining and then they there those that are killed just because that trying to do something useful for their country. In the history of humanity, when one group wants to keep down   the  morale of another group or enslave them, the first thing they do is take away the power to think for themselves by immersing them in the darkness of ignorance. And this my dear friends and family is exactly what is deplorable group is doing. they are squishing the hope of the young ones before it blossoms and gives them the confidence they need to survive. The confidence they need to bring about positive change that is desperately needed in Somalia.

I wish them nothing but harm... I am tired of praying for them to change for better when all they do is  destroy the last ray of hope that this fragile country can cling to.

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