Monday, October 3, 2011

Heard on the street

Tonight I am very tired so tonight I will keep it short. I have been around a lot kids so I have some pretty hilarious statement and some really interesting questions. so this my version of kids say the darn-est things. Any one who spends time with children knows how incredibly inquisitive they are. They are really honest and they will call things as they see unless of course they ditching trouble and then the creative lying comes into play.

If you are around children you will learn how to get around their curiosity and their requests without  lying to them. And has no one has mastered this as well as my auntie. Masha'Allah she is a clever lady. I went shopping  with her  and the kids today.  Her son came up to her with a toy gun and he said "Hooyo (mom) can you buy this for me?" and she replays "ok, I will get it for you when you join the army!" A few minutes later her other son comes with a pair of NBA arm sleeves and says "Hooyo, can you buy me this?" To which she answers "ok hooyo, I will get it for you when you join the NBA!"

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