Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh time, where have you gone!?

Sorry I have not been making posts everyday like I promised. I have just been too lazy to keep up with the blog and I have pretty much gotten comfortable been in Minneapolis that I no longer feel like tourist. My cousin told the first week was going to be interesting with alot of new expereiences and the second week nothing will shock because the assimilation will be very complete and I guess that pretty much describes my present mood.

I visited some of the sorrounding suburban towns like Eden Prairie  and Chyrstal mn and they remind so much of home. Eden Praire especailly was awarded by Money Magazine as the best place to live a few years back and it has really cool clean vibe.

Most of you know that I have been dealing with a lot children mostly of the my nieces, nephews and cousins and there's a lot hilarity that comes with being around children and for someone who has been around adults for a long time, this was been an interesting experience. Masha'Allah I gotta give it up to moms everywhere who continue to enrich the lives of children and kiss every booboo and love them unconditionally at all ours of the day. I truly appreciate my hooyo who was endlessly enduring when was a difficult challenging crazy child. I see her struggles with eyes of an adult and I love her for all she went through. My Allah reward all moms of the world for all they have given us and for all they sacrificed for us. There is no way we can even give them half of what they have given us.

With that said I will highlight the top ten no-no and some of the things to expect when you are around kids. most of them are common sense to those who are around kids and pretty much new to me

10. Do not make false promises. Do not say 'inshallah will see' because kids are too smart for that and they have figured out the word 'insha'allah' and they have created their own meaning. When I asked my niece what inshallah means she quickly answered "Inshallah means maybe yes maybe no"

9. Do not take kids problem solving skills for granted. If they can't reach your laptop that you placed in high shelf today, do not assume that it will be safe there tomorrow.

8. Do not use bad language around kids and if you do, don't be surprised at how quickly they pick it up and how often they use that language.

7. Expect kids to be very chatty and be ready when they carry on conversation with random strangers at malls or anywhere else that you could be at. One word you will always hear is why. On positive note kids will make you very outgoing and you will always meet new people

6. Expect kids to have more energy then you can ever possibly have but the minute they get low on energy and get tired be ready for the meltdown.

5. If you do not give kids something to keep them busy with, they will get busy with you. So give them someway to burn all that energy.

4. Do not forget about them even for a minute you have to always be watching them. Because they tend to get into the most trouble when you are not looking

3. Do not ignore them when they are talking to you, you would be surprised  by the neat things they tell you

2. Do not wear white clothing around them, kids have a way of loving you even when their hands are dirty

1. Do not tell them scary stories! NEVER EVER EVER DO THAT! Their perception of reality is a bit different so if you make the story vivid enough for them they will believe it to be true.

                                           Will be back to Michigan soon insha'Allah lol

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